Vermarc PRR Aqua Zero Long Sleeve Jersey

Vermarc Aqua Zero Long Sleeve Jersey

  • Tech Specs:

    • Racing Fit:Cycling garments designed with an aerodynamic slim fit forming a second skin that makes every movement natural and comfortable
    • Extreme Weather:The Garments are made of a high quality technological fibres with advanced treatments for active protection against extreme rain, wind and cold conditions.
    • Visibility:The garments have reflective logos, strips or are available in a fluorescent colour to increase safety when riding.
    • Breathable:Advanced fibres and fabric construction block cold air and moisture from coming in while still keeping a high level of breathability.
    • Warm:Fabrics with a unique construction which evaporates moisture caused by perspiration ensuring a dry and warm feeling.
    • Waterproof: Innovative microfibre fabric that ensures high performance and completely waterproof base layer fabrics even under extreme conditions of use.
    • Silicone Strip:Silicone strips are used in the hem to prevent the jersey from riding up.
    • Windproof:2 layer fabric with hydropholic membrane that ensures resistance to wind and light rain while maintaining a high level of breathability.
    • Suitable for Winter Riding: 8 deg and below