Katusha EM Team Crit Jersey

About KATUSHA Sports

With 9 years experience of World Tour racing, KATUSHA’s roots are firmly in Professional cycling. However, with branches now including KATUSHA Sports, KATUSHA Travel and KATUSHA Café, KATUSHA is more than a cycling team. KATUSHA is a 360 degree concept in cycling. We know you have the legs, but do you have the gear? KATUSHA Sports manufactures premium Performance and Commuter cycle wear, developed and tested by Pro riders, for riders. Roll out with style, in highly technical, contemporary designed equipment which sets the true riders apart from the rest. 

About Espresso Mafia 

Coffee is the product of many hours of hard labour by many hands and the goal of Espresso Mafia is to highlight all the hard work that has started at the farm and ended in the café or your home. Espresso Mafia is a café and coffee roaster in Girona, Spain. It was founded by former professional road cyclists Christian Meier from Canada. Espresso Mafia takes pride in sourcing high quality green beans that have been sustainably sourced, roast these beans with care and attention to get the best from each one, and brew those freshly roasted beans with top equipment and with consistency.