Castelli Nano Flex tight womens

Castelli Nano Flex Donna Water-Resistant Tight


Castelli Nano Flex Donna Tight. Suitable come rain or shine.

Normally you hear Castelli talking about the water-resistant qualities of Nano Flex, but its performance in dry conditions is equally remarkable. This fabric has a dry weather performance similar to Castelli's standard Thermoflex tights, but with the added ability to shed rain when needed. You don't compromise breathability. So this tight is ideal for women cyclists riding in mixed conditions with a chance of rain, but you will be completely comfortable even if it doesn't rain a drop.

Please be aware that the Castelli Nano Flex Donna Tights are not a fully waterproof option during prolonged or heavy rain water will enter the tight. However as they don't absorb water they will still feel better than standard thermal tights even when wet.


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