Assos T.Mille_s7 Bib short

Assos has developed the T.milleShorts_s7 as our entry-level comfortFit shorts. As the latest evolution of the T.neoPro_s7 shorts, the all-new mille shorts, with a wider cut waist, are perfect for those looking for increased comfort at a great price.
As with all their shorts, they are designed to be worn next to the skin. T

With the S7 generation of the industry-leading technology at its core, these shorts bring you the ultimate in comfort at a great price. The new daily workhorse for riders looking for more comfort is finally here. 

- New entry-level comfortFit shorts
- Wider cut in the waist
- Replaces the neoPro shorts, leverages the technology used in them

"the T.MilleShorts_s7 offer exceptional comfort and fit for the money and might just be the best bib shorts you can buy at this price." -