Women's cycling

The talk of the town in the past few years has been the rise of the 'MAMIL'.  Alongside that growth and equally important has been the growth of the 'MAFIL'.  More and more women are embracing cycling as a great sport, recreation, fitness and adventure pastime, and it is our responsibility and our privilege to make sure we properly recognise and support that.  
Properly designed and made female specific cut clothing is the starting point! There are some really good apparel brands out there that started off as women's specific brands and we think get it right.  Velocio, started and owned by Australia's own Kristy Scrymgeour is an outstanding brand we are thrilled to stock, as is tres chic Nice based Cafe du Cycliste.  Kristy has an amazing story to tell and you can learn a little more here.
We also reckon that we can do better than simply providing good product and that the extra step is active support.  For us, that means adding training and coaching support to our offering as well as comfortable and quality kit.  So we are very pleased to add Rebecca Dicello to the team as head coach and to lead our Thursday women's ride.  Rebecca brings an amazing wealth of experience and skills and shares our passion for more people cycling more often.  Joining Rebecca is Lara Zeccola, also bringing a wealth of experience and passion for cycling.  If you want to contact Bec for advice or further details, drop her a line at rebecca@leknicks.cc .
Join Rebecca and Lara for our weekly women's specific ride for all levels. Coffee follows!
  • Time: Meet at the shop at 9.20am, depart at 9:30am.
  • Distance: Varied. 30-40 km depending on weather.
  • Pace: Social! We average around 25-30kph, and our rides have a “no drop” policy and we allow chances to regroup.
  • Route: Varies each week, depending on the group.
  • Terrain: Varies. Usually a nice Beach Rd cruise.
  • Availability: Open to all women. We are trying to assist more women get confident and keen and encourage anyone to turn up and support each other on the bike. 
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