About Us


Our mission - getting you right on the bike

Our guiding passion at Le Knicks is to make a positive difference for cyclists and cycling. We are led by a heartfelt desire to offer great service, great products  and expertise and we are passionate about trying to ensure you are properly equipped to enjoy your ride.  We are delighted by anyone who wants to ride a bike, and believe all our guests deserve courtesy, care and choice.

We also strive to innovate, to learn and to grow so we can improve our offering and our guests experience.  Cycling is magical to us and deserves no less.  Be it for a leisurely spin, a gran fondo, commuting, racing, overlanding or any of the other ways to ride, no one and nothing is insignificant.  Our business is built on passion, people and purpose and we hope that makes for the best possible experience. 

To that end, we stock an extensive range of cycling clothing, footwear, accessories and nutrition, trying to hit the sweet spot of quality and value and offer the best service and product we can for you.