February 22, 2018

There are definitely times where one feels privileged to be a part of the cycling community. Whether you are a weekend rider, semi pro crit master or weekday bunch rider, its nice to share the joy of the cycling lifestyle with like minded people. Staying fit, healthy and active within a community that has so much to offer is amazing and we want more people to be out there enjoying themselves safely. So lets get more people out of their cars or off the couch and on a bike.

It is worth reminding yourself that you at some point had to leap in the deep end and make a start on the bike and more so gain the acceptance of the community. For some people getting a new bike, or back on the bike is a big step to take, so its important when ever possible to give them a helping hand up and not push them back down and out. 

Often as seasoned cyclists we will often complain about the poor quality of new cyclists doing dangerous things, its true in-experienced riders are often a danger, especially when riding in a bunch. But often we'll make no attempt to change this behaviour and if we do it can be quite negative.

On the flip side, new cyclists who may just be getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time may not know how to react. But instead of getting good advise, they get hostility. 

The solution, is not to yell and scream at each other, the solution calls for patience and understanding. Its very easy to lose your temper when the blood is already pumping, but this will most likely not change someones behaviour, as no one ever reacts well to being yelled at!

Personally I find it very satisfying to see riders progress from total novice to someone who has totally embraced the life. I will often take the time to coach new riders on how to be a better bike handler or how to ride in a bunch safely. Typically they become good bike riders who will in turn teach others the safe way to cycle.

The point is in order for us to make positive changes we need to be willing to put a little time and energy into doing just that. Stay positive and stay humble. For the novice cyclist they will look to you for guidance and advice, so be a role model