September 28, 2016

Here at the LKS crew we have been thrilled and excited at the explosive growth in women's cycling over recent years.  Having been lucky enough to work and ride with some really great riders like Anna Wilson, Liz Taylor (nee Tadich), Tracy Gaudry and more, its amazing to see the trail they blazed becoming a well trodden one.  Anna Meares carrying the flag in Rio summed it up really.

Alongside this growth has been the development of decent women specific cycling kit cut to fit properly.  Old brands and new are doing the smart and the right thing and making some excellent kit for women.  And websites like are a great showcase for what is out there.  In fact it is hard to see up with new lines on the market every week.  

We are doing our best to keep our end up to we hope.  From Velocio through Cafe du Cycliste, Castelli, De Marchi and womens specific shoes from Fizik, we are working to have a broad and comfortable range to choose from that also looks the business!  Of course, if there is a kit you love, please let us know, we are always looking out for more good stuff to offer.

We also have our Thursday women's ride from the store at 9.30 am to encourage and introduce new and experienced riders to each other also.  


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