November 14, 2016

Why bib knicks?

Most new to cycling start off in knicks (shorts) and are full of questions about why cyclists generally prefer to wear a bib as they ride more.  The switch to bibs might come with some doubt as they look a bit unusual, but once worn riders generally are converts for life.  And with good reason!

Bib knicks today are technical garments designed to maximise comfort on the bike over time.  The key reasons as we see it for this are;

1. No waistband.
With no waistband, not only does it remove pressure on the abdomen but it removes potential constriction and assists with blood flow and deep 'belly' breathing, essential components for comfort and efficiency on the bike.  

2. The bib holds the chamois in place better
Well made bibs are constructed to give structure and hold the chamois in place over time and with movement both on and off the saddle. 

3. The straps improve comfort

A well made bib strap distributes pressure and load broadly and so removes any 'hotspot' pressure points, which is great for comfort and keeping you on the bike longer. The bib should be made to reflect the shape of the rider on the bike, not when standing upright and this again improves comfort and removes any bunching of material.

4. Bibs work with jerseys

Our tagline is comfort and style on the bike, so this one is important to us! Jerseys are cut shorter at the front to avoid bunching and when bent over sit higher at the bike.  The bib creates a seamless transition, covers any bare skin (also good for sun protection) and preserves the dignity and style of the rider!

Women have often avoided bibs for convenience at 'nature breaks' to speed the process.  There are now bibs from great women led brands such as Velocio that have solved this and we think the comfort benefits make the bib well worth it for all. 

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