November 20, 2017

It seems every week that some media or social media platform wants to breathe new life into the binary argument of us versus them, bikes versus cars.  A string of comments follow and people buy into a polemic based on the binary argument of one or the other, difference not similarity, loss and gain.  

There are innumerable articles and demonstrations around the urban transport, registration and urban planning reasons to support cycling as an aid to reducing congestion, not to mention the health and wellbeing elements.  And the article here on the bike registration argument is a good place to pause and consider that trope.  All of which we are sure will articulate the arguments better than we.

We wanted instead to focus on moving away from the us versus them approach, the binary polemic we all too easily fall into.  Drivers ride, riders drive and we are all worthy of respect and care.  It is by objectifying, creating the notion of the 'other', that we make acceptable behaviour that otherwise would not be acceptable.  Abusing someone because you think they are in your space, threatening someone, or worst of all harming someone, because you think they should not be there or have put you at risk - surely we would not even consider this in other circumstances.  

We don't want to get into the broader argument here, we simply want to say, care, respect and compassion for each other regardless of transport mode is a basic measure of humanity and civilisation and let us remember that the next time we share a space or need to assess a problem or issue we believe arises from that sharing. Interestingly, as a final note we were looking for a picture of a car driver and cyclist shaking hands as the heart of our message.  We could not find one, so that to us summarises the work to be done!

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