September 16, 2017

It is no doubt a cliche, but evolution, learning, growth and change are as integral to business as they are to life.  And a principle we try to take to heart here at Le Knicks, 26 years in.  Inspired we are by the great people and great business's we see around us and get to meet and learn from.  And by companies that evolve and change as circumstances change, such as Apple (yes we confess to Apple fandom).  A PC company turned into a phone company turned into a services based company.

So where are we going with this reflection?  Well, two things we want to share with our friends.  Firstly, and as the blog title gives away, our ambitions to expand into and service the tri market better with the help of our friends at Entrix (die hard triathletes as well as cyclists and runners).  We are lucky enough to see lots of triathletes and lots of tri events given our beachside location, and it is easy to admire the dedication and enthusiasm of participants.  We also feel like there are not a lot of options for triathletes to access and try on good kit in store.  

So we are working to do something about it!  We are delighted with the Entrix partnership and talking actively with the local tri clubs and athletes to make sure we do our best to get it right and provide a real option for triathletes in apparel, wetsuits and nutrition.

Secondly, as an extension of the notion of service as our bedrock, we are thinking about how to do that better, and indeed would welcome comment and suggestion.  Coffee, workshop, bike fit and physio are all other components in 'getting you right on the bike' that we are considering.  Well, coffee just because but the others are a good fit we think.  What do you think?  More to come.

Ride well and stay safe.

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