February 17, 2017

We love to take them, we love to share them and we love to look at them.  We are talking of course, about the cycling photo.  Be it bunch ride, world tour sprint finish, scenery shot or the essential apres coffee shot.  And the recent retirement of renowned photographer Graham Watson has caused us to revisit a lot of great euro racing photos and what appeals about them.

Is it entirely subjective or are there certain constants that make for the perfect pic?  It seems to us that a broad range of pics appeal but perhaps there are certain constants that underpin what we like to shoot, share and see.

Some of the elements that resonate with us are obvious.  Scenery, a bunch at work, a bunch at play, a stunning bike or great light.  Alongside that, an elegant rider or peloton, or a shot with a story in it.  And we are always a sucker for a post-prandial coffee shot.  We are also drawn to a certain authenticity in a picture. At the heart of this is a picture which before anything speaks to and exhibits a love for the sheer elegance, simplicity and beauty of riding a bike.

Enough said, and to finish we have included a few (mostly racing) shots that appealed to us.  What do you think?

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