January 06, 2017

Managing fluid and calorie intake is a critical part of sport, perhaps particularly endurance sport.  And the heat of summer adds the additional challenge of managing hydration in the heat.

There are many brands and a plethora of information to work through in finding the best individual solution. With the emphasis being on the need for an individual solution as we are all different. Here at Le Knicks we are lucky enough to work with some really excellent people and products in the sports nutrition field.  Hats off to you all.  One of these brands is Shotz, founded and led by Darryl Griffiths.  Darryl has kindly given in store talks over the years and is a wealth of information we have learnt a great deal from.  And he has also written a book bringing it all together called Sweat, Think, Go Faster.  Very handy!

It is well worth a read as you work to develop your nutrition strategy, and you can learn more here http://thinkgofaster.com

With thanks to Shotz, we have also added a sample below to get you thinking.

Part Two – Water, Sodium and Calories

The foundation of every sports nutrition strategy should be to minimise your percentage of loss.

To do that, you need to know what you’re losing most of.

Although every athlete’s physiology is unique, the three things every endurance athlete loses most of during an event are water, sodium and calories and these losses have the biggest impact on how you function and ultimately your end result.

Sure, there are other losses, but they aren’t nearly as significant as your losses of water, sodium and calories. I certainly don’t want to dismiss the importance of other minerals lost in sweat, but they have a much lesser impact on your performance. If you don’t minimise your percentage of loss of water, sodium and calories, you will slow down a lot sooner – simple.


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