March 10, 2018

"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately".  Benjamin Franklin.

How right he was.  We were prompted to write on this by the feedback from a recent workshop on encouraging cycling.  And horrified to have a recurrent comment from various surveys that (some/a few) faster cyclists were telling slower to get out of the way (or worse).  It is hard to fathom really.  Cyclists are growing in number, but as transport, as health, as lifestyle and as sport we are still under represented and under resourced.  Strength lies in numbers and a united voice and we should and must be encouraging others to ride, not discouraging them.

It matters not whether you wear lycra or leather, are fast or leisurely, we should think of the whole cycling community as a team. We win together, we lose together, we celebrate and we mourn together.  And defeats are softened and victories are sweetened because we did them together.  One of the great joys of cycling is the connection that comes, to others and to the environment around us - all the things the cocoon of a car removes as people become isolates. 

So, the next time you see someone pedalling away, fast or slow, encouragement and camaraderie are the essential emotions to feel and actions to undertake.  It is marvellous to see someone on a bike and it is to be celebrated. 

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