May 21, 2017

Le Knicks has recently undergone something of a major makeover with a renovation of our space, some exciting new team members and equally exciting new brands coming into or about to become part of our cycling outfitters 'emporium'.  

We are excited by the changes and evolving with cycling as it grows and changes, and it gave us cause to reflect on the past 26 years since the store opened way back in 1991.  A lot has changed since then!  We opened in a space half the current size and the range of cycling apparel available was very limited - people thought we were mad!  It took some exploratory trips to Italian and local suppliers and it is amazing to look back on now.  Cycling was just at the beginning of its renaissance in Australia after a long quiet after the heyday of Opperman and the like.  Technology had not changed so very  much and there was certainly no internet as a channel for sales or writing a blog like this!

For a long time, Le Knicks was the only place you could find a really wide range of clothing and accessories under one roof, and for an equally long time team kit was it!  The more logos the better and the more team focussed the better.  How things have changed!  Tastes have changed, the number of brands has exploded, and of course the internet has bought much more to people's doorstep so to speak.  

We are happy to evolve with the changes that time brings and love the explosive growth in cycling and triathlon of course.  And competition and the internet, well that just asks us to lift our game and get better at what we do.  Which leads to the heart of this post because for all the changes there are some values that are at our core and don't change.  We love cycling in all its forms and want to support people at all stages of the journey from beginner on, casual rider to keen racer.  We strive to offer a friendly, inclusive and professional service that gives our customers what they need not what we want to get out the door.  

As an expression of those values of inclusion and service, we are also looking forward to the next 26 years and the changes it brings.  We plan to expand the service ethos of what we do to include such areas as coaching, treatment rooms, a decent coffee and a workshop because we believe it is the future of our business but also the right way to support people in their journey on the bike.  

So thanks for the amazing support over such a long time, and we look forward to sharing the future with you!


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