May 13, 2018

'Getting you right on the bike'

We believe that the 'why' for doing something is the foundation for the what and the how.  Our why, 'getting you right on the bike', is all about understanding and providing the service and the products that get you as comfortable and well fitted on the bike as we possibly can.

We believe we are here to offer great products and great service, to build collaborations, to innovate and to aspire for excellence.

It started with clothing and that remains at our core.  Good cycle clothing makes for a good ride and a longer ride.  Regardless of the weather, the right kit can look after you.  It has grown also to include all the other clothing and food parts of your ride from shoes, helmets, sunglasses and chamois cream to sports nutrition.

These days we are also actively growing the ride and coaching offering to help encourage and nurture people on the bike, while we have also actively sponsored some events and clubs (especially juniors) to help out.  Information nights on things like sports nutrition, training and skills are also an area we are developing.

Next up, we think bike fitting and bike workshop make sense.  As does good coffee.  For the bike fit in particular, we think we can help by offering an independent service not tied to a particular bike brand, allowing us to recommend a bike that fits without conflict of interest.

At the heart of it all is our desire to offer great, informed, friendly and inclusive service to all.  We just want everyone to ride and enjoy riding and your goals are our goals too.



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