August 06, 2017

We have written in more than one blog post about our belief in encouraging everyone to ride a bike and get active, and our interest in triathlon as a part of that.  Cycling is a huge part of triathlon and we are also in awe of (and slightly shocked by!) the training load of triathletes to cover three sports.

We are also very keen to support local brands and entrepreneurs trying to add to the mix of quality products to make things better for cyclists.  Great Aussie brands like MAAP, Sokhyte and Bike Candy all being good examples.

So we are delighted that we can introduce and support a great new Melbourne led brand that reaches out to both cyclists and triathletes, ticking a whole lot of boxes all at once!  Entrix is a newcomer to the cycling and triathlon market but the team behind are cyclists and triathletes from way back and we have had the pleasure of knowing some of them since they started competing many moons ago.

It is also very easy to support a brand that offers a good quality product at a solid price that represents real value.  We also think that the tri market has not been served as well as it should and think that Entrix is a really solid entrant that offers not just tri suits but a first class wetsuit.  A learning curve for us but one we are happy to have!

Expect to see the full range in store in the next fortnight and in the meantime you can check out their website here.

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