December 03, 2017

Life would be much less pleasant if we did not love the place where we Iive, so it's just as well we have a deep affection for our home town of Melbourne and the countryside of Victoria around it.  Sure we've grown up here but we are in no way biased of course.

What is increasing our affection for Melbourne, for our place, is the continued growth of cycling as a part of our culture.  Sure we have a long way to go, and it was fascinating to read this article about the development and support for cycling in London - but also heartening as we are sure to follow this trend.  But nonetheless cycling is becoming more Melbourne all the time and the growth of Copenhagen style bike lanes and great end of trip cycling infrastructure in workplaces are notable.

What we are also noticing with delight is the growth of the cycling cafe.  Being where we are on Beach Rd, Brown Cow in Hampton is a perennial favourite and the owner is a mad keen cyclist.  And all around Melbourne and indeed Victoria, more cycling based cafes it seems are now springing up to celebrate the bike.  Our great friends at Coffee Peddlr of course, whose new(ish) space in Abbotsford is worth a visit (and always great coffee), while nearby Rouleur Expresso has opened as part of Johnson bikes Melbourne base and is a great space also.

Hats off also to Rapha, whose new clubhouse in the city is a lovely re-invention of an old building and also contributing to our cycling culture.  Outside of Melbourne, special mention has to go to Bright Velo also, with cafe and accommodation all centred around cycling and cyclists.  The rail trails seem to also becoming a Mecca for some great stops also.

There are many more for us to discover no doubt, and please let us know you favourite!


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