April 13, 2018

Like so many, we became dot watchers last year.  The Indian Pacific Wheelrace captured the imagination of many of us and it became an almost hypnotic ritual to follow our heroes on the road from Perth to Sydney.  And of course, like everyone we were shocked and grieved at the tragic death of Mike Hall.  His loss coloured our feelings about the ride and we were as ambivalent as anyone when the organisers decided to go ahead with 2018's event.  And equally ambivalent when they cancelled the race.

So when a fair number of the riders entered decided to proceed, it prompted us to think hard about the rights and wrongs of it all.  And we ended up agreeing with those who decided to proceed.  We must not forget those we lose or the lessons they offer us.  And we must fight and fight more for better cultural support and infrastructure provision for bikes and their riders.  And most of all we must go on an pursue our aspirations and dreams.

So it is that we have once again found ourselves as dotwatchers in 2018.  And knowing a few of the riders of course drew us in further.  It really is a remarkable achievement.  5000+k of riding, unsupported and through all the amazing diversity of terrain that is the great southern land.  It has also been wonderful to see the level of support and interest from people all along the way, with special IPWR refuges and endless hospitality.

Chapeau to our heroes. 





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