January 27, 2018

We can't think why we didn't know about this one sooner, but we recently came across the trailer for MAMIL.  Now we freely admit that at least one of us fits neatly into this category now, and is quite happy about it as it sure beats the alternatives. And based as we are on Beach Rd, we take great pleasure in seeing the MAMILS, MAFILS and every other label go by as they take pleasure in the bike and the bunch.

So it is one to add to the watch list, and not least because we think there is a serious message and purpose beneath the banter and piss-taking.  We live in a society afflicted by scourges of obesity and mental health issues, and men are dying on average six years younger than women.  Having done some work with groups like Movember, and seen their growing emphasis on moving and social networks as key parts of wellbeing,  the importance of the MAMIL movement becomes clear.

So we will watch the film and laugh at ourselves, and then start thinking about the next ride and macchiato session with mates in the moving men's shed that is the bunch ride.  Come and join it, we would love to see you. 

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