July 01, 2017

 Working in the world of bikes, it is perversely easy to get distracted and not ride enough oneself.  Ironic hey?  So the team here at Le Knicks has made a simple and judgement free pact to encourage each other - ride more.  I wrote on the simple pleasures of a ride recently, and a ride into the city for meetings provoked further the urge to write what is quite simply, an ode to joy.  A car free and carefree  roll on the yarra bike trail from home base is particularly pleasant once you let go of the need for speed and happily co-exist with other users - not a big ring day today!

Once in the city, the bike is just...the best.  A play on the the cobbled lanes like Hosier, a work session in Guildford lane and easy parking!  Not to mention lots of calories burnt, the planet saved and no traffic jams (except for friend coffee).

Notable in jaunting around the city was how good the Copenhagen lanes are (more please) and how the low (40) speed limit tames and calms things.  Also notable, the vast majority of bikes and cars are amicable and law abiding.  There are things to work on but it is a reminder that the media lives by the 'if it bleeds it leads' principle and loves to shed heat not light.  Rant over!

The combination of an endorphin rush and a coffee hit also brought to mind the seminal cycling movie.  Yes it is quirky and has a few technically questionable moments, but I recommend Breaking Away to you as a celebration of the simple pleasure of riding your bike!

And for the curious, the kit for today was De Marchi knicks, Bellwether winter jacket, grip grab winter gloves and leg warmers, Fizik RB3 shoes, Kask helmet, Cafe du Cycliste base layer and MAAP socks (gotta try all our brands!!).  Not to forget the premax chamois cream... 



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