October 01, 2017

We often get asked about the reasons behind cycling gloves, particularly in summer when wind and cold protection are not a factor.  As with so much in a sport that combines getting on for 150 years of practice with recent innovation in technology and materials, there are a number of what we think are good reasons to wear gloves year round.  And while we see a mix of do and don't wear (in summer that is, in winter gloves are essential!), we tend to fall in the do wear camp for what we think are solid reasons.

So, here goes our list in no particular order of weighting;

  • Protection in a crash. Having crashed with and without, gloves can be a real skin saver if we crash.  So we heartily recommend them for this reason.
  • Grip. Your hands can get pretty sweaty when cycling on a warm day, and your hands can slip around the handlebars. So gloves soak up sweat to keep your hands dry and allow you to maintain a safe grip on the handlebars.
  • The padded palms in gloves provide extra comfort as they cushion your hands from the vibrations passed through the bike and handlebar to the main contact points.
  • Wiping off sweat or your nose. Most gloves have a soft towel section, typically across the thumb, that can be useful for wiping your nose or sweaty face.
  • Weather.  Wind, rain and cold makes gloves a no brainer we think.  Lost feeling means lost control, reduced comfort and shorter riders.  We don't thing we ned to spell this one out!

So that's the heart of the matter as we see it.  Gloves make good sense for a range of reasons so we commend them to you as an essential part of your cycling wardrobe.  You can check out the summer range here and the winter range here.


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