February 10, 2018

We wrote a while back in praise of the bespoke bicycle and the crafts folk who make them.  While there is no doubt that the big brands make great bikes at great prices and have helped change the game, we still have a soft spot for the unique creations of the bespoke bike world.

So it is with no little excitement that we see that the Handmade Bicycle Show is coming to Melbourne in April.  The UK and the US each have a great show with the North American Handmade Bike Show and Bespoked in Bristol, so it's super dooper to see Melbourne's show return after a hiatus of a few years.  

We take that to be a good sign for the evolution, growth and deepening of the bike culture in Melbourne and Australia.  Obviously we are a little biased to the bike but away from the banal polemic of social media cyclist v car we see a ripening bike city.  The City of Melbourne is a good example of this with more and more bike infrastructure such as Copenhagen style lanes.

So here is a link to the show and put it in your diary!  

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