May 15, 2017

Having previously written about the redoubtable Marianne Vos, as amazing off the bike as on it, we wanted to continue our homage to those whose influence and talents extend far beyond the bike.  We were prompted this time by the news that Tracey Gaudry has been appointed CEO of the Hawthorn FC, the first woman in such a role.  In passing we should say well done to HFC for breaking new ground and getting into 2017 - it is a decision that will surely reward them.

It takes an impressive person to break that glass ceiling and that describes Tracey to a T.  It takes only a brief look at Tracey's palmares both on and off the bike to see her impact on the cycling and broader world.  And as UCI Vice-President/Oceania President, the benefit of Tracey's experience and perspective has been easy see to those of us long-immersed in the sport and governance of cycling.  

The benefits of the broader commercial experience and engaging with the professionalism of AFL of this position will continue to flow onto cycling and assist it to grow in stature and expertise.  We look forward to the HFC pro cycling division also of course :-).


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