February 16, 2018

 That first glance, the first long adventure together, secret paths for just the two of you, it was love - for your first  bike that is. Different era's have different gems but as a 70's/80's kid, there were two standouts that hold a special place even amidst the glittering wonders of carbon, titanium and steel on offer today.

Some will remember the totally awesome dragster.  High bars, top tube shifter (a must have for any credibility at all) and banana seat (preferably with a sparkly cover).  To die for.  I don't even remember if the ride was any good, because, well, the ride was actually ace.  Arms high, way back on the seat, jamming it out on the streets, life was good.  Malvern star was the local hero and darn I wish I had some photos of that blue rocket still.  We were lucky beyond measure and our horizons expanded.  

But then came one of the great movies of all time (admit it, you know the one) and with it the BMX craze.  Ride hard, ride rough and ride dirt, the BMX was a thing of wonder.  Jumps, trails and laneways were the playground and it was good.  Never found an alien to allow us to fly alas but I reckon we came close.  There is something to be said for a stage in life where the question was what you rode not what you did.  We had social media too :-), we knew where anyone was 'cause we saw their bike at the milk bar (bring them back).

There has been lots of super bikes since, but none remembered so well or fondly.



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