April 22, 2017

Let's set the scene first.  Belgium, 1991, a sodden field in bitter cold where the smell of cow is overlaid with the smell of frites and beer.  Mud covered riders, steaming breath, cigars and screaming fans.  My first encounter with the arcane and very European sport of cyclo-cross - and it was wonderful.  And completely unknown back 'down under'.  More's the pity.

Fast forward 26 years to a Melbourne winter (hardly counts as winter compared to northern Europe it must be said!) and the world of cycling in Melbourne has grown and  changed for the better.  The smell of chips, good cheer, burgers and most of all fun, fills the air.  CX is well and truly a thing in Oz these days and a great thing it is.  Riders of all persuasions dressed in garb unbound by rules or practicality are giving us a great day out.

Hats off to the crews at Dirty Deeds and Fields of Joy here in Melbourne and all their peers around Oz for bringing the love here.  Check out some details of them here and here.

CX is another great thread in the rich tapestry of cycling and we could not be happier to see it take off here.


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