March 30, 2017

While we are huge fans of the 'traditional' cycling monuments, that is the great races such as the grand tours, the classics and the like, we are also hugely excited by the growth of 'new cycling'.  What do we mean by that?  For us, new cycling is the growth of  styles of event and models of bike that create new ways to participate in and enjoy the simple pleasure of riding your bike.

New cycling is open, inclusive and brings a whole new group to cycling, which is just what we want!

For example, the growth of small group corporate cycling rides which blend business development, wellbeing, corporate hospitality and fundraising, proving that cycling truly is the new golf!  Our friends at Corporate Cycling  are a perfect example of this, and having sponsored some of these events, we think they are a great way to get more people cycling more often.  Fundraising rides like Tour de Cure and Chain Reaction are great examples of multi-day fundraising based rides that blend a great cause and a great experience also.

Another dimension of new cycling we love is events like the recent carpark climb in Adelaide during the TDU.  The perfect blend of tradition and innovation and well done to all involved with that.  You can check out some highlights below.




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