May 26, 2018

An all to quick trip to New Zealand brought back memories of some great riding there over the years, and a reminder of just how stunning the riding is.  NZ is also now actively developing an amazing network of trails to ride from top to bottom of the country to make it even better.  And to round it off, there are so many roads with backdrops like Mt Taranaki you have to remember to look at the road.  Almost too perfect to be real.

It is amazing to have such a magical destination on our doorstep, not much more than three hours flight away.  Anticipation builds as the plane approaches the land of the long white cloud and if the conditions are right, the view from the plane of mountains high and sharp is exquisite.  They are a taster of the goodness to come. It is a short trip but a world away and riders from all over the world are drawn to NZ and its unique charms.

It is not just the scenery and the terrain, there is something in the very air of Aotearoa.  As the surfing community would say, it's the vibe.  Add in a friendly people, top notch coffee, food, wine and beer, and you have the perfect recipe. And of course all the riding you can do allows the food and beverage consumption to properly taste the lot!

We first discovered the riding here on mountain bikes midst the redwoods of Rotorua (do go) and the more you explore the more there is to discover.  From the top of the north to bottom of south island, there is endless exploring to do.  So if you have some time and the urge for some new vista's, get on over there, we recommend it!

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