December 09, 2017

Commonly attributed to JFK (himself a keen bike rider, but that's a story for another day), this is one aphorism we firmly subscribe to.  In practice, that means taking the broader view and supporting cycling and cyclists without a narrow view of 'what's in it for me'.  On a grand scale, the Marshall and Colombo plans were the perfect examples of this enlightened altruism, helping out without immediate or measurable short term gain. 

On a much humbler scale, for us that means looking at ways we can help out our fellow cyclists.  We have regular info sessions at the shop for topics like nutrition, wetsuit fitting and shoe fit, and also welcome requests for other topics.  It is worth noting that our friends and suppliers and companies like Torque, Entrix and others also provide their time for these so chapeau to you :-).

We are particularly enthused about our Thursday women's shop ride, and grateful to Rebecca and Lara for their time and effort.  Cycling is not only a wonderfully social sport, but one full of its own lore, and experienced riders happy to pass on the knowledge are an enduring and special feature of our sport.  All women are welcome and the coffee is on us afterwards.  And you can learn more about the ride here.

All this is part of being a part of a community, and being of service.  We love being part of the Melbourne cycling community and being a part of its evolution.  Not to mention the chance for extended yarns with the really interesting people we get to meet - there are some amazing stories and really impressive people out there and it's a privilege to be a part of it.

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