November 10, 2015

We don't know if it is the same for everyone, but for us there were some moments in sport that totally captured our imagination and laid the foundations for lifelong interest in our sport.

For us, in cycling, one of the great moments was the battle between Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault in the 1986 Tour de France.  Building on a rivalry that began in the 85 Tour when Lemond was forced to hold back for a wounded and suffering Hinault, 86 turned into a battle of legs, lungs and nerves as the dominant team, La Vie Claire, turned on itself and split between the old world and the new.  The showdown began in the Pyrenees as Hinault took of with the Spanish climber, Pedro Delgado, and took 5 minutes and the yellow jersey.  The next day, he attacked again, only to have Lemond catch and pass him to take a win at the ski resort of Superbagneres.  And most of his time deficit.  It was on!  In the Alps Lemond put Hinault to the sword and took the yellow jersey.  Hinault messed with Lemond's head all the way to Paris, but to no avail.  We can close our eyes and still hear Phil Ligget's commentary of that tour.

In triathlon, it is a 'mano a mano' battle between Dave Scott and Mark Allan in the 1989 Hawaii Ironman.  Together in the swim, on the bike and for almost all the run. Shoulder to shoulder each tried to break the other until with just a few miles to go Allan surged and broke away.  Awesome stuff.  And in winning, Mark Allan broke the Kona record by 30 minutes.   

What is your defining moment?

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