May 13, 2016

"There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing" - Sean Kelly

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere the weather is turning and it is time to turn our thoughts to the right clothing choices.  Here in Melbourne we don't get a really tough winter but keeping warm is still important! 

Starting in from the inside out here are our thoughts on how to dress for the cold.  Focus on the core and the extremities and you should be fine!

- Chamois cream.  Wet weather in particular can make for more chafing and saddle sores so we recommend it!  Veloex and Assos are two great options we stock

- Baselayer.  Layering is the key and wearing a good base layer will help with warmth while wicking sweat away

- How much we wear on the torso can depend here.  A chill start with a forecast to warm up suggests a jersey, gillet and arm warmers so we can strip down and not get too hot later.  If it is staying cold (say below 15c) then a good jacket over a jersey will do the trick.  A breathable rain jacket which folds up is also handy.

- Knicks. Really cold weather calls for full length tights while riding but here in Melbourne knicks and leg warmers usually are enough.  As a rule of thumb, cover your knees when it is below 18c is what we were taught back in the day

- Hands, feet and head.  These are critical points and subject to windchill.  Full gloves and booties are a good idea and will leave you feeling very comfortable.  For the head, a cap is also a good idea







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