April 26, 2016

The shop ride is one of the great cornerstones of cycling around the world it seems. It is a great way to build a tribe and to encourage and support newcomers to the wonderful world of the bike.  Lots of shops here in Melbourne and around the world actively promote and support these rides which we think is a great thing.  An important element of this is ensuring that rides are well signposted as to difficulty and expectations.  There is not much point in inviting a brand new rider to a hardcore hills ride for racers for example.  We also find that as more and more women get into cycling (which is fabulous) that some women specific rides are a great way to break down barriers and build confidence.

To that end, we have a couple of different rides going.  We have a Thursday morning women's  ride led by Tracy out of Black Rock (stay tuned to Facebook for details each week and weather watch).  While from up North at Cecil St the Friday morning ACDC (arrive, cycle, depart, caffeinated) ride is a fast ride open to all which explores the north of the city.



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